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....from the Bundy House to Gabrella Manor

Robert C Bundy

1898 - 1993

1997 - 2017

1469 events

186211 guests

"Bundy House (c. 1938) Spanish Colonial Revival; two story brick with terra cotta roof; turreted entry way with multiple patios and terraces.  Interior features include large rooms designed for entertaining, multiple murals and original stained glass windows throughout, reflecting a Spanish theme, with textured walls, a grand staircase, a balcony overlooking the Great Room, arches and columns, tile flooring and original tile scenes in fireplaces."


"Originally designed by a Dallas architect commissioned by the first owner, Robert C. Bundy; the estate is located on approximately five acres of land and originally had a swimming pool and guest quarters.  The Bundy family was well respected throughout Birmingham and was known for entertaining guests and visiting dignitaries to the city."


"Today the house remains a restored Birmingham landmark with the current owners, Brenda Jones and Steve Johnson, re-naming it Gabrella Manor in honor of her grandmother.  The house sits at the edge of the Roebuck Springs Historic District and is used as a meeting place for celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, etc."

          -excerpted from Application to the National Register of Historic Places, October, 1998

Brenda Jones and Steve Johnson are the resident owners of Gabrella Manor.  They were married at Gabrella Manor in December 1997 (the first wedding there!) and enjoy sharing this grand historic home with others for their own special events.  Both are native to Alabama.
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